Durham Voice Studio caters to vocalists ranging from complete beginners to recording and touring soloists and companies. The techniques and methods used for training are wholly dependent on what each individual voice requires. I do not use a One-Size-Fits-All method, but rather draw on both contemporary and traditional methods as well as my own tried and proven techniques to give each singer an individually tailored approach.
Every voice is different, and each person requires educated and experienced advice to identify individual strengths to nurture and protect as well as the difficult areas in need of attention.
Voice Training at Durham Voice Studio begins with a one-to-one interview so that I can develop a package of complimentary techniques and exercises suited to you. I ensure each following lesson covers exercises and songs tailored to suit
YOUR sound, YOUR learning style and YOUR aspirations as a singer!
Singers studying at Durham Voice Studio notice a vast difference as soon as the first lesson and continuing with the exercises over the next few weeks will feel and hear a complete change in their sound, tone, range, flexibility, comfort AND confidence!